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October Meeting Report

After a brief presentation by Ronan Daly, EI4KF of a new Xiegu G90 Portable HF Transceiver, Andy Jay, EI5JF called the meeting to order at approximately 21:00.

Andy welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. He also welcomed the IRTS President, Jim Holohan, EI4HH. After a short overview of recent activities of the club, and offering words of encouragement for our two SWL’s studing for the exam, he asked Jim, EI4HH to address the meeting.

Jim briefly outlined the current issues facing the society at both a National and International level and he gave some context to past issues, and he also mentioned some issues that will be coming down the line. He noted that TARG is one of the more active clubs in the country and thanked the club members for their participation and enthusiasm.

With the more formal aspects of the meeting closed, informal discussions continued late into the night.

L-R: John King, Brian Kelly, Francis Lenane, Andy Jay, John Ronan, Jim Holohan, Ronan Daly, Tom Martin, Tommy Hallinan