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AGM Report

On Wednesday the 6th of December 2023 last, members of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group met at The Princess Bar, Clonmel at 8pm for their Annual General Meeting. This was a well attended meeting with group members traveling from Co Kilkenny, Co Waterford, and Co Cork joining their Co Tipperary based colleagues.

Andy EI5JF chaired this very productive meeting, and John EI7IG (TARG Secretary) read the minutes of the previous AGM. Group treasurer Thomas EI2IT reported a healthy financial situation. A review of the year as well as upcoming activities were discussed at length by the group members. The callsign EI30T will be aired on the various Amateur Radio Bands over the coming year to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group since its formation in 1994.

Congratulations were extended to group members Tom EI5JDB and Eddie EI5JNB who were successful in passing the HAREC Exam which they sat last November. Brian EI2JKB was acknowledged for his efforts in reading the Weekly IRTS News every Sunday at 9.30pm on 145.450mhz FM. It was decided that the venue for all group meetings in 2024 will be held at The Princess Bar, Irishtown, Clonmel, Co Tipperary (E91 PW90). The meeting concluded at 11pm when Andy EI5JF thanked all for their input and attendance at this AGM of TARG.

The new committee was elected as follows:-

  • Chairman- Andy Jay EI5JF
  • Vice Chairman – Brian Kelly EI2JKB
  • Secretary – John Ronan EI7IG
  • Treasurer – Thomas Hallinan EI2IT
  • Group PRO – Hugh O’Donnell EI2HI
  • Events & QSL Manager – Paul Norris EI3ENB

For more information about T.A.R.G you can contact us at ei7trg@ei7trg. ie


The Annual General Meeting of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group will be held at The Princess Bar, Irishtown Upper, Clonmel, Co Tipperary on Wednesday the 6th of December 2023 at 8pm. The Eircode for this venue is E91 PW90. The meeting is open to all and Short Wave Listeners are in particular very welcome to attend.

AGM Report

On Tuesday 21st January last the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group held its AGM at the Clonmel Park Hotel. The meeting was well attended with members travelling from neighbouring counties. Chairman Andy EI5JF opened the meeting and the minutes from the previous AGM were read and approved. Club treasurer Tommy EI2IT presented the financial status of the club which was in healthy order. A number of administrative items were dealt with and ratified. The committee for the forthcoming year was elected which was as follows:

  • Chairman Andy Jay EI5JF,
  • Vice Chairman Brian Kelly SWL,
  • Secretary John Ronan EI7IG
  • QSL Manager Paul Norris EI3ENB
  • Treasurer Tommy Hallinan EI2IT
  • PRO Ronan Daly EI4KN.

The Club would like to extend its best wishes to our vice chairman Brian on his upcoming wedding.
New members and SWLs in particular are always welcome to come along to any of our meetings.  Further information can be found by contacting Ronan EI4KN at QTHR.


The Annual General Meeting of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group will be held at The Park Hotel, Clonmel on Tuesday 21st January at 8pm.

This is the most important meeting of the calendar year and all members are requested to attend. Short Wave Listeners and new members are in particular very welcome. The election of club officers will take place as well as making plans for the coming year.

For more information about Tipperary Amateur Radio Group you can contact the club PRO Ronan EI4KN at QTHR.

December meeting

Reminder that the next meeting of the Tipperary Amateur Radio Group will take place in Clonmel Park Hotel, Clonmel on Tuesday 10th December at 8.30pm. New members or anyone interested in Amateur Radio are very welcome.

For anyone who wishes to find out more about the Tipperary Amateur Radio group and its activities you can attend any of their meetings or contact club PRO Ronan EI4KN at QTHR for further information.

October Meeting Report

After a brief presentation by Ronan Daly, EI4KF of a new Xiegu G90 Portable HF Transceiver, Andy Jay, EI5JF called the meeting to order at approximately 21:00.

Andy welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. He also welcomed the IRTS President, Jim Holohan, EI4HH. After a short overview of recent activities of the club, and offering words of encouragement for our two SWL’s studing for the exam, he asked Jim, EI4HH to address the meeting.

Jim briefly outlined the current issues facing the society at both a National and International level and he gave some context to past issues, and he also mentioned some issues that will be coming down the line. He noted that TARG is one of the more active clubs in the country and thanked the club members for their participation and enthusiasm.

With the more formal aspects of the meeting closed, informal discussions continued late into the night.

L-R: John King, Brian Kelly, Francis Lenane, Andy Jay, John Ronan, Jim Holohan, Ronan Daly, Tom Martin, Tommy Hallinan